At Kissed, we highly recommend using Perfect Glow products to help prepare for, maintain, and maximize the results of your airbrush tan. All skincare and self-tanning products contain naturally derived ingredients and offer benefits for both the life of your airbrush tan and the health of your skin. They are available for purchase in the studio.

Exfoliating Mitt

A distinctive cloth that visibly removes dead skin build up prior to a tan and old tan residue when ready for a new one.

Perfect Glow Body Wash

A creamy, silky formula to gently cleanse skin without stripping it of natural oils, while infused with top botanicals for maximum hydration.

Key Ingredients:
Sandalwood, Panax Ginseng Root, Algae, and Yarrow Extracts, Glycerin

Perfect Glow Tan Extend

A moisturizing lotion with a touch of self-tanner.

Key Ingredients:
Jojoba Seed, Hemp Seed, and Almond Oils, Rosemary, Marine, Bergamot, and Mango Extracts

Perfect Glow Gradual Tan

A tinted gradual tanner that hydrates skin and improves its elasticity, making it firmer and smoother.

Key Ingredients:
Soybean Oil, Coffee Seed Extract and Caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin

Perfect Glow Regular + Rapid Tanning Mousse

A luxurious self-tanner that dries quickly for an easy on-the-go application, featuring technology that allows the color to fade gradually for an even and natural appearance.

Tanning Mitt sold separately.

Key Ingredients:
Cranberry Seed, Coconut, Blackberry Seed, Argan, and Olive Oils, White Tea, and Green Tea Extracts