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Are Spray Tanning Retail Products Worth the Investment?

Are Spray Tanning Retail Products Worth the Investment?

To be short and to the point: Yes!

On average, a spray tan will typically last between five to ten days. There are many factors that determine the life of an airbrush tan, such as the type of solution used, how well the skin was prepped before the appointment, and how well the skin was cared for after the appointment. I have covered the importance of these factors in my previous blog posts, but it's important to understand why the professional retail products your technician offers are better for your spray than the products you have at home. Most spray tanning retail lines include the basics: a body scrub, body wash, and body moisturizer.

A professional body scrub can be used to prep your skin before a spray tan and used to exfoliate any old spray tan off.  It will not dry, break, or leave any residue on your skin, like most other scrubs and washes will. Although it's okay to use a plain wash cloth and water to exfoliate before and after a spray tan, it may leave some skin types feeling dry and tight. Using a professional body scrub made for spray tans will ensure that you are not removing the skin’s natural acid barrier.

Once you have been sprayed, it's recommended to avoid body washes, scrubs, and soaps while showering, as these home products will usually fade your tan. A body wash designed for spray tanned skin will gently cleanse your skin, without stripping your tan.

Lastly, it's important to keep your skin hydrated in order to maintain the life of your tan. Many body lotions and moisturizers at home may not be compatible with your tan. A lotion designed for spray tanned skin will keep your skin properly hydrated, without over saturating the skin cells like most oil-based products will. Also, most post-tan moisturizers contain DHA (dihydroxyacetone) to help extend your tan 2-3 days longer by replenishing any areas that may have started to fade.

Spray tan retail products are worth their investment because they provide a peace of mind that you are using safe products that will enhance and prolong the life of your spray tan. When used on a consistent basis, they can extend the life of your tan by 5 days!

Keep in mind, not all brands and retail products are the same, but they are usually much better than the items you have at home. Always ask your technician what products are best for you!