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Sunscreen is Your Skin’s Best Friend

Sunscreen is Your Skin's Best Friend

I am sure you would rather invest your money in clothing, purses, jewelry, or shoes, but why? Shouldn't your first thought be to invest in your skin?

PSA: You wear your skin everyday! 

There are actually many factors that go into keeping your skin healthy, but the most important item is sunscreen. According to Skininc.com, only 10-15% of aging is the result of genetics. Extrinsic aging, or aging caused by outside factors, accounts for 85-90% of aging...the sun being the worst of these factors.

Having said that, there are hundreds of sunscreens on the market. I could explain all the different types like chemical vs physical or UVA vs UVB protection, but for now, just be sure to apply one that has Broad Spectrum Protection and at least an SPF of 30. 

This may be a new lesson too, but sunscreen should be applied everyday come snow, rain, or sun! The UV radiation that comes from the sun, is not deflected by clouds (or windows), so daily sunscreen application is necessary if you want to properly protect your skin. 

As a side note, that bronzed "tan" from the sun that makes us feel so good is actually an injury. To keep the sun from severely burning or damaging your skin, the body releases pigment (brown coloring) to shield itself. That is why tans fade when you stay out of the sun. Your body assumes it is okay to put down it's "shield".

Applying sunscreen takes no more than a minute. You can still enjoy the sunny beach days without compromising your face and body.  Healthy, glowing, supple skin makes any outfit or bad hair day look so much better!

P.S. Try to apply to hands, neck, and chest daily for even healthier skin! 



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